Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog Candy...

Ok-so what exactly is BLOG CANDY? Candy---hmmm...that's gotta be good...particularly if its chocolate! Wink. Blog candy is actually "freebies" given away by bloggers on their sites---often times you need to leave a comment, or post a link on your site to theirs---and you're entered into a drawing for whatever free stuff (translate: blog candy) they happen to be offering. I've not done this before (participated, that is--so this is a first!) Theresa posted this site on her blog--and I had to go check it out. The cupcake stamps are adorable--but the coffee stamps--well! The one that says "Bloodtype: coffee" ---um, without a doubt, that's me! I love it! My youth group kids would ask the other advisor when we went on retreats if I had had my coffee in the morning before they would talk to me! How I manage to feed 5 cats before coffee is beyond me but it happens-they are much more vocal than I can handle before coffee (with the exception of the precious QUIET baby-and the ferals who just sit outside the door looking in!) So---go check out this site---some cute things! Do something for yourself today--it's almost FRIDAY afterall! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon -- I could not get the link to the actual store site to work---but you can get there from her blog!

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