Monday, June 29, 2009

Which will they wear...?

Once upon a time...I made nametags for a Bible study group I was in...since then, well, I am often asked to do more! And I do-when I can. Yesterday Wendy asked me to make nametags for the 3 women who would be selling her cd's at a Christian concert to be held in Southport, NC on Sunday, July 5th. She asked for "something patriotic". Well, this is what the creative muse in me made...which will they wear? Which one is your favorite?!
I also volunteered myself to make muffins for the chicken dinner & bake sale that our church is having on the 4th. YUM! I had fun yesterday getting some things to help spruce up the packaging of my muffins and hopefully boost sales. Everyone raves over my secret recipe so I feel pretty confident about that aspect of it! I will post those next week.
For those of you taking my scrapbook challenge, you've probably noticed that I've not posted the album cover yet---well, I am a wee bit behind. I'm learning to deal with some (pain) limitations due to fibromyalgia---and anyone out there who has words of wisdom to share on that subject-PLEASE DO--I am all ears! We've also been dealing with yet another sick kitty-awaiting biopsy results which should be in today. Back to the cover- I will (do it!) and post it soon---the idea in my head didn't look right when I laid it out but I picked up some embellishments that I think will do the trick. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/To the person whose comment I "rejected"-I was simply unable to translate it via Google. My apologies...

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