Friday, January 20, 2012

News! News! I'm gonna be a....

well, I'm not exactly sure what!!!
My dear friend Betsy of---well, a lot of years---
called me yesterday morning
to tell me that their oldest son
and daughter-in-law
are officially expecting their first child.

when Zachary was born
and then his brother, Matthew,
I was dubbed "Aunt" Sharon
(or Shari as I was called back then)
Around age um, 6ish--Zachary called my "aunt" status
into question!
He was learning who was related to whom
the why's how's and wherefores...
and since I was not Betsy's sister---
how could I be their aunt?!
Mom explained to them that I was a good friend
and I was therefore an "honorary" aunt...
he was ok with that.
It's his brother Matthew who later declared
I was an alien---
(he was trying to find my name on something
and I said he wouldn't be able to-but he could find Sharon...
that it was my given name, another name I was known by
--an alias---also known as...)
Well, the first words out of his mouth
when Mom came home were
"Mom! Mom!
Do you know Aunt Shari is an ALIEN?"
I am somewhat confused as to exactly what
I am going to be to this newborn!
Am I an honorary aunt once removed?
does it matter?!
a card is in the works for the parents to be
(stay tuned for that tomorrow)
but for now...
here's a card for the new
(and yes, I am jealous!)

This is a two-step step card---
the billboard is a clip art image that I added the words to
using Publisher
(I am also dating us--remember the movie PARENTHOOD?!)
The couple is a Mo's Digital Pencil image
(which is, come to think of it fitting because
Betsy's nickname is---MO!)
It's colored with Copics and colored pencils
the tickets and designer paper (dp) are Close to My Heart.
Oh-the popcorn and drinks are clip art as well!
It's all layered together with adhesive and of course
pop dots!
Not sure it's going to fit in a standard envelope
but that's ok!
It looks a lot more detailed/difficult than it was!
I think it took the most time to color the couple!
Assembly was easy-peasy!
I hope they like it!
She's not due until September---but still...!
For once I will be early instead of late! lol!

Can't have a post without a cat pic!
I was doing some desk work the other day...
Inky decided that drawer had just enough space for him!

I need to do a mail run
and feed cats...
Tomorrow the card for the proud parents-to-be!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Brenda Frerichs said...

Congratulations on your status once :-) The card is quite simply: SPECIAL. It's a really thoughtful and well done card. Way to go!

Michele said...

Congratualtions on becoming an honorary aunt! That is so exciting! I love your card!IT is adorable!!!