Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow start on Saturday...

I had high hopes of getting a lot done today-
and I still might---
it's just slower  going this morning than I hoped
as I didn't sleep well last night
(never do the first night hubby is away--
and that's been more and more lately)

I had an early morning meeting to attend
for work on my day off!
And then Theresa and I opted
to shop some thrift and antique stores
not far from home.
We'd not been to one in quite some time
and were a bit disappointed-
very, very crowded and lots of junky things-
but we still managed some EGGS-cellent finds!
Here's mine...

I passed this up a number of times
and kept circling back
it fits so well with my kitchen...I had to take her home!
There are absolutely no markings on her--
so I know nothing about when or where she was "hatched", etc.
(It really does appear to be vintage-not a remake made to look vintage!)
If anyone has any clues...please leave me a comment!
This is my most favorite prized possession...
my Sellers Hoosier!
Back in the day
this was command central in a kitchen...
that thing behind the glass doors on the far right
is a flour storage bin and sifter...
The top that sticks out is porcelain
and pulls out even farther for a worktop
that was used for rolling out pie crusts and the like.
Then there's a little door that folds down
to secure things that might need to cool
away from well-unwanted visitors in a kitchen...!
One of the drawers is tin-lined
for bread storage...
and the cupboards below
I've turned into

rubber stamp storage! Lol!
Never know when a recipe will call for
one (or more!) rubber stamps!
The doors on top were solid wood-
and I still have them
but I prefer the glass ones
so I can display my pretties...
aka more of my treasures...
This is part of a plate and teapot and...
set that I purchased many years ago...
(shown on the plate rack at the top of the post-
the plates look like eggs!)
I  just love for its country whimsical look
and it makes me smile every time I look at it!
Just like the hen I bought yesterday and my Hoosier...

We had lunch at Burger King
(thanks to my coupon clipping friend
we got bargains there as well!)
And then stopped at another antique store
where I found this luscious soap

I do wish I had a "scratch and sniff" button for you...
it's heavenly!
And the lather is thick and creamy
and my typically dry dry skin
is nice and soft this morning
(I have tons of sensitivities to things like this-
and the ingredients weren't listed to check before buying
but I knew if nothing else
it would make a great drawer sachet.
No chance of that unless we go get some more.
I am keeping that little shop a secret!
Too many things I wanted to bring home...
maybe we'll go back soon.

Speaking of itching...
this guy
had to go the vet yesterday.
He's been scratching endlessly
and while we saw no evidence of fleas
nor did his housemates seem to be having itching issues---
sure enough, Dr. Travis found one!
At least we know what it is
and everyone got medicated when Momma got home
and were even quite cooperative!
No claws involved-theirs or mine!
Even Bad Cat was cooperative
getting in the carrier
and with Dr. T and Molly the tech
(unlike his brothers!)
They are always glad to see
on their roster
rather than Inky or Poppa Cat!

So we've just taken an easy slow start to the day today
it's cloudy one minute
and sunny the next.
One more cup of coffee and I will start flyladying.
Theresa and I are gearing up for a yard sale
so lots to sort, price...or simply donate
to the local thrift store.
I may want that room if I can't sleep
while recovering next month from surgery
so that's my other motivation--
besides making
a little pocket change
for more sweet smelling soap!
I got this basket at the last yard sale we had...
I bought it from Theresa...
and, no matter where it is--
 there always seems to be a little black cat in it...
who fits perfectly...
Earlier this week...
big brother (aka Poppa Cat)
decided to give it a go...

I have an end table in the living room
that needs something-
and I thought of this basket
with some beachy things...
but they seem to enjoy it so much...
I hate to take it away from them! Lol!
Maybe my friend has something else I can use!

There's a concert in the park this evening
and tomorrow as well
it's a toss up which I will attend
but am trying to put some fun things for me
back into my life
and this sounds like a good way to start!

Stay tuned-
I am due to do a Prairie Fairy Tutorial
this next week-
so something crafty is coming-I promise!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Stressed Stamper said...

Wow you have been spending - love the egg basket...nice pictures. Enjoy yr weekend - my hubby on nights and I never sleep properly either - hey ho
Sarah xx

Whimcees said...


My mother had a Hoosier exactly like the one you have! I wish I had it now - so many things that we didn't know to keep because they were 'just there' when growing up! I loved reading your post - had to Google flyladying to see what it meant! Wishing you a happy weekend!


Barbara Diane

Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

What a boring life that basket lead at my house!, it's having much more fun there!