Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh the Weather Outside Was Frightful...

I left home yesterday morning
well before dawn
in a light-weight long sleeve shirt, pants
and flip-flops.
When I came home
it was freezing.
And I am blaming that
on the poor, poor turnout
at the craft show we did yesterday.
Thank Godwe were inside.
As the day drew on
it rained and got cold.
And I suppose that's why hardly anyone
was out and about
and sales were so slack...
it wasn't even worth going.
Not to brag,
but, as usual, Theresa and I
had the best booths there.
had a lousy day sales-wise.
So my goal is to get my etsy shop
up and running.
I don't relish the thought
of dealing with our post office
who's shipping rates vary
as much as our weather.
Maybe visit a few local shops
and see what, if anything,
I can sell through them.
I guess these will be my Christmas decorations
as I have not brought the first thing down from our attic
not even the nativity!
These photos don't do them justice-
I took them at 10 pm Friday night after a very, very long day
getting ready...this first one is HOPE
and is my favorite!

This one is peace--although hard to see...

 and BELIEVE...

These are very pretty in person
and just the perfect little something
to decorate a little space
(office, nursing home room, etc.)
the physical of packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, packing....
and the weather change
has my fibromyalgia raging.
At least I had plenty of sweet smelling bath salts
to soak in last night and tonight and....
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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Glenda Brooks said...

Hope you can sell these on Etsy. Someone should love to have them for sure. They are quite gorgeous!