Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Sugar (scrub!)

Well, this started out as my craft fail last week-end...
after attempting to etch all 4 sides of this jar...
I realized two things:
1) etching cream obviously has a shelf life (and 2+ years isn't it...; and
2) when you put white-ish stuff in a clear glass jar---well, white-ish etching does not show up.

So I went to plan B
and went back to Wal-Mart 
and got the pretty yellow rubbery stuff I said I should have gotten in the first place...
and didn't...
and decorated the jar.

It is filled with
Jasmine-scented Sugar Scrub
I made with coconut oil and sugar
and added a small amount of jasmine-scented coconut oil to the mix.
That's it.
IMHO---it is HEAVENLY!!!

This is the card that I made to go with it---
credit and how-to's go to Dawn's Stamping Studio

 Of course I popped the bee up--wish I had embossed him for a little more pizzaz but oh well...

Here's the gift and card together---I was happy with it
and truth be told-that rubbery stuff helps with slippery stuff inside.
This is going  has gone to my daughter-in-law, Dawn
a belated birthday present as I was busy playing/getting to know this gal...

and her brother...

On the upside...this guy --- aka Bad Cat...
has had a really good week (for him!).  He's eating well
(raw fish and venison and some dry food-but he is eating...)
and has even gained a couple of pounds.
We'll take all the good we can get---and enjoy every minute.
Life is short.
And these two...
were actually caught PLAYING TOGETHER on my bed today!
I've not seen that in the months since we lost Ms. Dolly!
I dare say having the kittens around seems to have brought a little A LOT more life
to everyone.
How can you not smile when you see this...
That's Ms. Susie Q climbing the screen door to the (bed/office) room they are in
with Sir Stirling egging her on!
LOVE their spotted and striped tummies
and their antics!

Well, better go feed the critters.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Hey there Mrs....nice posting - nice to catch up with things...just HOW many cats do you have now..6?
Take care
Sarah x