Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time out for TT's Birthday!

Well, I missed her birthday---so I figured I'd better take time out NOW to do a birthday basket for TT. This sweet gal tags along with her mom and I on our marathon shopping sprees and doesn't complain one bit! She is such a sweetie! And a girly-girl for sure! She loves her nail polish-from fingers to toes! So I got a wire-framed clear pink plastic bin and decorated it with scrapbook paper panels (backed with cardstock)--girly-girl and shopping theme-what else?! You can't see all the sparkles and glitter (I HATE working with's pretty but oh so messy-Inky had it on his nose this am!..only for TT would I do this again!) I punched holes along each side and set eyelets in them. Then laced them together and tied them with bows! What's inside? Well, the roses are actually soap, there's lip gloss (shaped like ice cream treats and then some with glitter), nail polish (of course!) and nail decals...toe separators, some powder and a light-up tiara (that's the butterfly in the back!) So---she should be all decked out for spring! But shh! Don't tell her-she's not gotten it yet! Better bake her brother Michael (home for spring break) some muffins so he doesn't get too jealous--seems TT gets a lot of the attention around their house! ; ) Back to stamping-what a quick and easy way to decorate a plain basket for EASTER! You can use patterned paper, or stamp your design...what about a wrap around border of Easter Eggs?! Hmmm....maybe I'll go try it...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/ the oki stamp queen had to have a tiara, too--and, um, a matching magic wand-hope it will do that housework for me so I can play in the craft room more..and then there's those extra pounds I've been trying to lose...I'll let you know how/if it (the wand!) works! Lol!

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artfulwhimsies said...

Beautiful as always!!! I can attest to the fact that the lucky recipient of this gorgeous basket loved it!!! Thank you Miss Sharon~~