Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday my husband, a Building Inspector for the Town of Oak Island, NC, received a certificate and was recognized at the Department of Insurance's Board Meeting in Raleigh, NC for having completed not only the requirements for his Level III Electrical Certification, but also for having completed ALL of the Level III (highest you can go!) Certifications for all 5 building trades (guess my taking over the cooking so he could study paid off! lol!) It was really nice in that they invited those receiving certificates as well as their families to be present for the ceremony and meeting (latter optional) so I got to go. I am disappointed, however, that my photographs didn't come out better. At least there was a photographer there and I am hoping what appears in the Pilot will be better than mine (any of my local blog followers, please save me the picture and article so we can share copies with our kids!) It was a long day-we left a little before 8 AM, attended the meeting, visited and had dinner with a friend in the VA State Retirement Home, and then drove home.

Unfortunately, I was either suffering from motion sickness, side effects from my meds, or both so I chose to stay home and rest today. Not often I put myself to bed, but today I needed it. It was worth it, tho, by far, to go and support him in his accomplishment(s). A little disappointed the governor didn't see fit to attend-but there were two town mayors there (not ours, though!) and Brook didn't think that two mayors equaled a governor! Oh well... I am VERY PROUD of my husband and glad I was there! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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