Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way too cute!

Ok-so I may as well just sign my paychecks over to Mo's Digital Pencil, Too! I started following her blog and ohmygosh----the BIRTHDAY WAY TOO CUTE! Cupcakes, for whatever reason, have been a big theme in the stamping and scrapping world this year and I've gotta tell you--there is one cartoon-y looking one out there that is seems everyone is using...and well, I just despise it! It looks stupid and grates on my nerves more than I can say and I can't seem to get away from it--it pops up everywhere! But Mo's cupcake...well, you just WANT to eat and that is exactly what the cute plump little hamster is doing-in fact, his cheeks are FULL of cupcake. Oh, I can just see this card now-layered, with whatever that fluffy stuff is you use to give dimension for icing, with sprinkles, and two or three candles (yeah, I would use ribbon and glue real ones on with a bow or ribbon sitting by...) How cute would that be...I feel a class coming on...look out, Mary Cobb! You'll have to go to Digital Stamps, Too to see it-I've not bought it-yet!
On another note...I was playing in the craft room last night...and couldn't find a stamp I had just had in my hand...kept looking around and discovered it ink-side up on the floor. Picked it up and didn't think another thing about it. Until now...sitting cross-legged in my desk chair and thought "what is this ORANGE stuff all over my foot?" Um, did I mention the stamp was of... pumpkins!And yes, it stamped nicely in orange Colorbox ink on the bottom of my foot! Lol. Better be careful where I am sitting! : O
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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