Friday, October 21, 2011

It's the GREAT PUMPKIN, Charlie Brown!

Just not quite up to par these last few days...
trying to fight off a bug (cold)-most likely
fibromyalgia acting up-oh yeah
feeling a little down-uh-huh (need some girl time, probably!)
The weather
has taken a turn and it is COLD!
So am I!
Don't think hubby has done what he needs to do
so we can turn the heat on
but I have the space heater next to me
and it's humming!
Poppa Cat is afraid of it-
just cannot grasp the concept of the fan coming on and off!
He was funny to watch last night!
Speaking of animals...
I follow
and she had this photo posted on her blog today
of her poor dog, Sarah...

My cats have had glitter, glue dots, bits of ribbon stuck to them..
but never the lint lifter itself!
But GO SARAH...she sits, she sheds, she cleans up after herself!
Hmmm....Where's PC...? Ink? BC?  C'mon boys...
Momma wants to teach you a new trick...
Speaking of tricks-er TREATS
I have been wracking my brain
on what to do for the 30 preschool children at church.
While I am not directly involved with them
(I am the church "office administrator")
they ALWAYS come and see me
like yesterday when the 2 year old class
came to share their Scarecrow faces
and last week the 3 year old class
came listening for noises
(I cooperated with a demonstration of the paper shredder
and made the phone ring!).
I am in a time crunch
with Holly Days coming up and a couple of other orders to do
and have nixed a few ideas along the way...
 I have to confess- I "cased" this idea from one of the
Close to My Heart bulletin board ladies
and please don't be too harsh-
this was a quick mock up/test run yesterday...

lots and lots of Halloween stamps
and not the first single small smiling pumpkin face to be found!
Enter Avery address labels and an EK Success 1" circle punch!
The little holder is cut with the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cartridge
(set on 4" in case anybody wonders!) and then a small hole punched
with the Crop-a-dile to slip the ribbon through
(it does actually cut a slit to put the ribbon through-I don't have that much patience right now
and the hole was sooo much easier!
As you can see, a Hershey Kiss fits perfectly!
Can't go wrong with chocolate!
Well, I think I am going to take it easy today-
and take care of me.
Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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