Friday, October 14, 2011

A LABOR of love...

A week before we left for the fair
I received an invitation to a baby shower.
I immediately thought scrapbook
and, in my grandiose ways,
thought 12x12.
I searched the internet and found
adorable paper and embellishments
and ordered them.
I quickly realized, however,
that with everything on my to-do list
(two craft shows to prepare for,
two trips and the daily stuff
that needs to be done
a 12x12 just wasn't going to happen.
Thank God for my "stash"!
In my hoarding I had a
I have done several of these
and they are quick and easy
and make a great display on a shelf.
When you get tired of one side
(if that's possible!),
you can turn it around and
have a completely new view!
It was a win-win situation.
Or so I thought!
The spooks and gremlins
must be hovering around all the halloween stuff I have in there
and am in the process of working on
because I was truly cursed yesterday
trying to work on this project!
2 1/2 hours later...
and I had the cover done!
That was all! Gasp!
The shower is Saturday!
I yelled, I fussed, I cried
I was ready to throw all my scrapbooking stuff in the trash
and never touch it again.
It was that bad.
I didn't, though.
I ate some chocolate and kept going.
I was determined it wasn't going to beat me!
By 9 PM ---I was finished!
The camera and computer are both acting up
but here's what the final product looks like...
Here's the's a boy-and his name is Oliver...
Theresa very graciously cut out the decorative papers

for the background as my Cricut isn't big enough...
(if Santa is listening, I want NEED the Cricut Expression!)
the the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge (p. 13)
came in super handy
the first two inside pages...
The paper is Baby Saurus from Little Yellow Bicycle
the saying on the left-hand side is
Down in the valley, early in the morning
See the baby dinosaurs all in a row.
It continues with

I had to get creative a wee bit here-the photos covered up most of the saying which appears on the paper on the right hand side of the layout. I simply cut decorative strips and covered the saying
on the paper so it wouldn't show!
I "popped up" (of course!)
the baby dinosaurs peeking at the pictures...

my original idea was to put "buttons" (paper punched & embossed)
on all of the rounded out corners of the pages but
it really looked too cluttered and busy when I laid it out so
I used them sparingly
Here's the back says
My Little dinosaur baby...
the two inside pages...
"Hi" and "Sweet Boy", "Too Cute" and "loved"
which are followed by the front cover!

Here's the front side of the book opened out...
and the back side of the book...

Being a young, new mom
I am not sure how much time she will have
to finish it
so I think as part of the gift
I will offer to take photos
and/or put them into the book for her.

A few things to mention-tricks of the trade if you will:
1) I realized I needed the foam tape I didn't buy at Wal-Mart yesterday and, not wanting to take an hour out to run back and get it, I (thankfully!) remembered that FUN FOAM works just as well! ; )
Just cut it to size and put adhesive on both sides-instant pop dots in a pinch!

2) How I ever functioned without my SCOTCH ATG I will never know! One thing I never ever question buying is "more ammo" (tape!) for it.  As my stepson Tommy says, "You can never have enough ammo!" (former Marine)! Again, mine is SCOTCH-it is easy-peasy to load, never gums up and the refills are reasonably priced even before an ACM or Michaels coupon! I took the label off and decorated it with some bling and put my name on it as well!

3) In my thrifty "use my stash and shop my craft room" mode, I didn't buy ribbon for the buttons-I simply went to my stash of embroidery floss and found the matching color. I store it however on little cardboard --thingys--and the floss has become "kinked" over the years. Enter my FLAT IRON! It works on my hair--why not floss?!  I just ran to the bathroom, grabbed it and plugged it in the craft room. Ran the floss through it once or twice and no more kinks! Not tried it on ribbon---not sure if it would melt it or not...may--and may not--try it, that is!

If I am brave enough
I need to venture back in there
and clean up
and make a card to go with the book!
Hubby asked what I had to do today and I have a list longer than my arm!
I am feeling completely overwhelmed but,
I will do it the FLYLADY WAY
15 minutes at a time!
Thanks for peeking--
and, until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!
Supplies used:
Papers: Close to My Heart Sweet Leaf & White Daisy; DP papers & embellishments by Little Yellow Bicycle (Baby Saurus)
Button Punch by Marvy Uchida


Twyla Norris said...

Beautiful book, Sharon! I wanteed to let you know that I purchased a small hair straightener just for ribbon. It works wonderfully and I have never melted any yet!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This turned out beautifully!! So cute

You might like the giveaway of children's room art happening on my blog -- come by if you'd like!


Linda Pekrul said...

Came over here from the CTMH board to see your album. It is soooo cute. Love it. Enjoyed your story-telling too!