Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meow-y Christmas....

Yesterday afternoon I delivered my annual
"Thank you for taking care of my misbehaving "children" gift to our vets office.  She has had some staff changes this past year and the young lady on the front desk was new.  She was very nice but it was clear she had not had--and perhaps had not even overheard-any of the Russell Family crazy cat vet visit sagas!  Interestingly enough, the "old" staff doesn't quake and tremble at the mention of Ms. Dolly or even "BAD Cat" (BC got a bum rap with his name as he is really the best of the beasts er, furbabies---but I tease whoever about having lost the coin toss when it's time to deal with either of the other two!   I humbly filled her in: Inky eats the tree---PC broke the blood pressure cuff (the tech had one piece in each hand...) and he ran off with the thermometer cover well---stuck.  Then there was the day that there were 2 techs and one vet with the baby (aka INKY who  eats the tree...total 11 lbs. of furry feline) plastered against the front window of the office in the exam room smashed between them and wondering how they were going to manuever him to where he needed to be so they could work on him! When they proceeded to the corner of the floor-across the room-and the vet had him in a headlock, I just smiled and shook my head as she proudly told me she had taken a cat-wrangling class! Lol!  The things they have been through in order to care for my kitties!

When I saw this stamp-- I KNEW I had to have it!
Even "TT" knew it looked exactly like Inky...!
Of course
when I got ready to make the card
the stamp...was no where to be found.
I've had it for months but could I find it?
Thank God for colored images of it on the net!
I just copied, pasted and cased it!
Cut it out and layered it...
And here's the sentiment I came up with
(music lovers out there-be gentle and give me some slack!)

I just attached our photo card to another inside panel (it's a tri-fold--
hand written thank you underneath those pics)

Yes, I know there are  6 cats on that card...
(two of which Dr. Travis has never seen
(Moe & Cocoa, pictured together)
as they are our feral friends...
won't let me touch them no matter what.
Here's a better view...

 Can you tell...which kitty is my girl?
She just looks so very dainty, prim and proper...
but would she look at the camera for Momma....

Nope. Nada. Zippo. Not looking (another "TT"ism!)
I had to go pull out a scrapook page I made
when she first came to live with us
and scan the pic (since I was unable to find that, either!)
and use the scanned photo!
FLYLADY 2012 will be happening around here-BIGTIME!
I cannot wait!
One. Room. At. A. Time.
Top to bottom.
But-that's another day year, Scarlett!
I managed to trip trying to do a good deed
and the chiropractor and I had a visit.
Still not great---taking it easy--
but thinking the new hairdo tomorrow will help! Lol!
Until then-happy stamping and scrapping!

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