Friday, April 6, 2012

No mo...

--tivation that is!
Hubby has been gone
and I was going to get SO MUCH DONE!
And I got sick instead.
So very little has happened
other than sneezing, coughing and well, you get the idea.

And today
Theresa and I were going to a local craft show
but it's FREEZING outside and pouring rain
(I went to work yesterday in capri's and a tank top-
today the heat is back on in the house!)
Thank you God we didn't think about
getting a booth! 

my game plan has changed.
The winter clothes are still piled up on my pew
(yep, we have a pew at our dining room table!)
waiting for the summer clothes boxesto come down from the attic
so they can go up
and then there's the matter
of the guest bedroom...
that needs attention
particularly since said husband
may be bringing back a sailfish
to go on a wall in there...
and I can't get to said wall!
I'd say that's a 2 good days worth of work...

here I sit-blogging. Procrastinating
when I know full well if I just set that timer and DO IT
it will take less time, effort and energy
than I am imagining it would
and I am using by blogging, procrastinating and...
So---here I go.
15 minutes at a time.
Photos to follow-next post.
Who knows-maybe someone else
will be motiviated by my progress---
if you're procrastinating,
go visit FLYLADY for 15 minutes-
and she'll help you get started-I promise!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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