Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday's Post on Saturday: Off with Her Head!

I'm back.
and Corry, the DT Header-Upper
of all us fairies-delinquent and otherwise...
have graciously spared me the axe
and posted the tutorial I did---
it only took me THREE HOURS
to post the little action video in it---
so PLEASE watch it!
You can see the entire post here---
or fly on over to Roberta's blog
Trust me-
you're gonna want to go there anyway
to see all her awesome digi stamps
that you can get...
without further ado---
here 'tis...
hope you like it:

It's Sharon--
the delinquent Prairie Fairy Design Team Member
late with my tutorial
and I bet Corry and Roberta
are about to shout
"Off With Her Head!"
I can't blame them a bit!
But maybe-just maybe
if my post & project makes them
they will grant me a reprieve?

Let's give it a try!
For today's project--
which, I give credit where credit is due,
posted some time back...
this is merely my take on her idea...

First, you need to make an easel card---
I gotta say-I've tried twice today to do the steps and photos myself-
it's just not working so--go here
if you don't know how to make the easel base card.

Once you have that done, come back here and I will show
you what I did next.
Go ahead. I'll wait...

You want to pick an image
and I chose
I colored her with my Copics...
and then I cut her head off!

No-wait-I meant to do that---really...!
Watch---next we put it back on...!
Close to My Heart has come out with these great
I simply put one on the back of Gillian's head
lined it up on my card so her chin came just below the cut line
on her neck...

and Viola!
Her head's back on!
Looks cute---but that still photo---
well-it just doesn't give it the "WOW" value
this idea really has...
let's give it some
See--isn't she ADORABLE?!
But wait---we can make it better
Up close and personal....
That's actually my goddaughter's head---
on Gillian's body!
How'd I do it?
I used Microsoft Publisher
(but any photo editing software will work...)
to crop a photo of her so I just had her head,
then enlarged it so it would look bigger than Gillian's body
(just the way Roberta drew Gillian!),
cut it out & attached it just like I did Gillian's head!
Too, too funny!
I cannot wait to do
I have lots of heads to add to him
as our "after our wedding" family pics were taken
at the beach--all the guys--had sunglasses on...
I know what theme birthday cards are gonna be this year!

Here's another tip---
want instant "sand" for your beach themed cards?
Simply mix 2/3 gold microbeads with 1/3 silver microbeads!
Perfect instant beach!
Liquid Glass holds them on great by the way...

tell me---ya think Roberta and Corry will let me keep my head?
I hope so!
Until next time
(and yes, I will TRY to be on time!)
Happy stamping and scrapping!
all papers, inks & adhesive springs by Close to My Heart

here's the inside of that easel card...I forgot to include that:


canadian_liner said...

Another creative and adorable project! Never thought of using those springs for a bobble-head...
Thanks for the link to the tutorial on the pop-up card. I used it for a project, and credited you and Dawn. You can see it at
Happy stamping!

Whimcees said...


I love this card - Gillian is perfect for the bobble head and your godchild's photo head is such fun! She is beautiful! Wishing you a sunshine day today!


Barbara Diane

Dawn B. said...

This is sooo cute. Another really great idea. Reminds me of the bobble heads. My son loves those. Great job.