Saturday, July 14, 2012

Savoring Saturday...

We got up this morning
and hubby couldn't find Bad Cat...
being as he's the "senior citizen" of cat crew in our family...
we worry a little more when he can't be found
than with the others.

After searching everywhere else-
he checked the dryer...

and there he was---
all snuggled up on momma's clean pj's!
I went back an hour or so later
wanting to toss something in
 just to get the cat hair off--
and there he was-
still curled up and sound asleep.
The slight click of the camera
and the flash didn't even phase him!

Changing the bed and showering
exhausted me!
Hubby, however, had the perfect
"pick-me-up" when he got home
with the groceries...
that's me-aka "the patient"
with CHOCOLATE in both hands!
There is a God!!!
Peanut butter fudge no bake cookie
(or what's left of one! lol!) on the left...
M&M's (from the party size bag) on the right!
I dare say it's just what the doctor ordered!

if I could just get the
handbook for Close to My Heart's
brand-new Artiste Cricut cartridge to load
so I could get a sneak peek...
I'd be all set...!
New catalog out-some great
Workshops on the Go
new stamps
and yes, a new Cricut cartridge!
Stay tuned for details
coming soon!

Until next time,
pass the chocolate
and happy stamping and scrapping!