Thursday, August 22, 2013

Successful send-off!

The "Back to School" send-off
was a success!
I even managed to stave off most of the tears!
You see it's not just back to school--
it's a move a few states away
to go back to school.
I also want to send out a HUGE
to our "groupies" who have allowed
this 14-year old to hang out
with us gals.
They have been awesome role models
and we all know...
it takes a village!
thanks for what you shared with her--
and for helping me hold it together last night
and send her off with a bang!
Ok. Enough.
On to the party.
Time is short today so I will share the party pics
and focus on each thing with how-to's
(and how NOT-TO's! lol!).
First I picked black and a peacock blue for colors
as I wanted to work around the Close to My Heart
Laughing Lola colors.
First up-simple centerpiece!
I didn't have one planned-
and realized I had skipped that
at oh, t-60 minutes before take off...!
So-I just set the pencils in the glass-
scattered the mini composition  books around them and
instant centerpiece!
I did set the glass on top of some of the black napkins
after I took this--gave it an instant POP up!
Pencils were made with rolls of Mentoes candy
and a Hershey kiss.
Place settings were just a napkin with a diaper-folded pocket
out of notebook paper and washi tape.
Stuck the silverware inside.
The mini backpacks were all hand-done
and filled with stuff
for a Back-to-School survival kit.
Even the little pocket had
a small stack of  Post-It notes I
stamped on the first page
and put a strip of Washi tape over the back
sticky side (I broke down a stack)

Pencil wreath!
You is kind, smart, important!
See that little dragonfly?
In my frenzy
I laid this face down on the bar
without thinking
and got a small spot on the front.
Time to embellish!
It looked great hanging on our blackboard
that's normally part of our kitchen!

The banner...
sorry for the backlight
and pardon the disarray I hadn't moved in the background!
It disappeared before the party tho!

This is a photo my god-daughter took of herself
and "ratified" (is that a word?!) in a photo enhancing program-hence the blue lips
and bright blue eye--it was perfect!

The drinks--with tags for
7-UP lifting ways to start your first week of school...
I served wormy cupcakes!
I have a friend who bakes and cooks
and she made these delicious adorable cupcakes
from the pic I sent her from Juxtapost.
Fondant leaves, pretzel stem--gummy worm
and you have a wormy-apple cupcake!
They were HUGE
and even had a delicious filling!

The "Groupies" minus one..
we had to take it from the wrong side of the banner
to avoid the backlight from our window...

Maren eating hubby savoring his cupcake...

speaking of hubby...he was a HUGE HELP, too
he moved cars, helped cook, cleaned up from dinner
so we could get right to scrapping...
hang on to your hats, ladies-
he even offered to help me prep kits
when he saw me getting stressed as the minutes ticked off..!
"I don't know how to use a tape gun and all that stuff...
but I am willing to try if it will help you..."!

Hubby and "Buzz" challenging each other
to eat their worms!

What we do best besides eat and talk....
scrapping the night away...

My besties....

I THINK they all had fun!
I did!
OH--I forgot the layout we made-
Next time!

As I said,
I will post details on each thing
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

A memory she will carry forever! A great sendoff!