Friday, February 21, 2014

Sometimes....Life Stinks....

Meet Ms. Dolly....
she's my girl cat in a family of 3 boys-4 if you count our feral, Moe, into the mix.
She is also our current cat crisis of the moment.
She had surgery this morning
for a mystery lump on her head
that quickly got bigger and bigger...
and I just got word...and the word isn't good.
While we don't have the pathology report,
our most awesome vet is perplexed and concerned.
She also thinks this THING will be back,
possibly before the stitches are even removed.
That sucks.
I don't usually use such words-
but today, it does. Big time.
While I believe in the power of prayer
and that God can still turn this thing around---
or use it for His purpose and glory
(yeah, even the bad stuff like this...)
it doesn't mean I have to like it.
She came to us after she was abandoned at the vet's office.
She has something wonky with one eye although it doesn't bother her
or affect her movement.
She was quite skittish with us and would not stand up to the boys---
something she's just recently overcome
(all those puffing and hissing lessons paid off!)
and I HATE HATE HATE to hear
she might not make it.
February around here is hard enough as it is...
I lost my late husband in February
my(current) husband lost a son in February
and now the news of Ms. Dolly....
 It comes in threes, right?
Am I done after this?
I hope so!
Let me say this---
take any moment---or anyone
for granted.
Cherish it ALL.
You never know what tomorrow---or even the next hour or minute
will bring.
Ms. D was fine one night-
woke up with the lump the next morning.
And it doubled in size in less than a week....
and here we are...
Prayers, please
for whatever lies ahead for us
and our girl...
I need to go lose myself in some crafting
until I can go and pick her up later on...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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Whimcees said...


I am keeping Ms. Dolly in my prayers. I has no idea that cats could be this fun as I have always been a dog person. But Jimbo is the light of my life and I NOW know how lovely it must be to have your cat family. I hope that Ms. Dolly is not suffering in pain - I send all good wishes.


Barbara DiaNE