Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're Tweet! Some Sweet Valentine Magic...

Spoiler alert: Theresa Forge do not look at this post until your card comes!
or you won't be surprised!

Lots of my so-called "spare" time
(actually time I should be doing housework, etc.)
is spent blog hopping.
And one of my favorites is
and on one of her posts she shared how to make
a magic card...
you can find her step-by-step video
I made a similar one for my goddaughter
I forgot to photograph it before I mailed it.
Oh well.
Last night I sat down and decided to make a few more
for some other friends...
and this is what I came up with...

Now, I had some technical difficulties---but I overcame them!
I had prepped all the pieces for the base card, the mechanism,
the embellishments...only AFTER all that...
did I realize I was completely out of transparencies
as well as vellum.
Of course...that is the KEY INGREDIENT
to making the magic happen.
What to do---what to do
I pulled out a CTMH page protector
and started cutting it up.
It`s clear, right..why not.
Then I realized...I didn`t have any red StazOn ink either.
We all know regular ink won`t stamp and stay on shiny, slippery stuff.
And brown wasn`t going to cut it.
I pulled out my red CTMH ink along with clear embossing powder
and my Heat-It craft tool.
I stamped the heart, covered it with the clear embossing powder
and CAREFULLY heated it with the Heat Tool.
This particular heat gun is a tad bit cooler than others.
And while it melted the embossing powder,
it did not melt the page protector!
It did ``curl`` it a bit--and it has a somewhat of a watery look
which I kinda like!
The other dilemma I ran into was when I put it all together
the page protector was getting caught as it didn`t have the ├▓omph``
(wonky things are happening with my keyboard...sorry!)
that the acetate transparency or vellum would have had.
I solved that by simply using small pop dots on the sides of the card
instead of taping them down.
This gave the panel a little more room to maneuver in and out. 
So -- as the saying goes, I made a silk purse out of a sow`s ear...poor sow!
I made a special one for my darling husband
and I will take pics and post that tomorrow.
I also did treats for the preschoolers

but we were under winter weather advisories most of the week
and school was cancelled so they are all sitting on my desk until next week.
Funny to see ice at the beach.
Here`s my hard-working support staff...
We brought groceries home Sat. afternoon
and he got on the stove and was trying to get the cooked chicken¸
out of the container...
and before I could get him shooed away and the chicken secured...
he got into the package of pork chops, grabbed one,
and ran off with it!

Yes, I did get the wildebeest away from him
and I still have all 10 fingers!
Some days he really lives up to his name
which really is
That`s all for today!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


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