Saturday, January 3, 2009


Where or where did 2008 go? It seemed like only yesterday I was in the midst of wedding preparations! It really did fly by! I hope and pray that 2009 will be blessed, happy and healthy for everyone! Did you manage to stay up until Midnight on NYE? Brook was in VA with Bad Cat, I was home alone with Inky and Poppa Cat. I confess-we crashed before midnight-woke to the sound of fireworks at 12:15, looked at one another and went back to sleep! Lol. What PARTY ANIMALS we were! Lol!

So-did anyone make any RESOULUTIONS for 2009? I did-I am going the work on getting HEALTHY-myself and this poor sick Inky whose just gone through yet another issue/episode. And I've got to say something about that here-if you have a doctor-or, in this case, a vet, who refuses to LISTEN, you've tried the "same old, same old" and its just not working, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...don't hesitate to get a second or even third opinion. Just because they are doctors doesn't mean that they (individually) have all the answers. End of soapbox. My other resolution is MORE TIME TO STAMP AND SCRAP. I am going to do an album of my goddaughter, Maren, as well as a book of all the events of 2009. That, and finish the stack of projects in the "to be finished" box! Lol. I have some new routines in place that will help head me toward the craft room more often. A happy Momma is one whose had a few minutes for herself (sounding like Flylady now! Check out her site if you haven't--a great way to start the year! Her motto for 2009 is "Peace of mind in 2009" or something to that effect-and PEACE is something we could ALL use more of!

I am working on creating the VALENTINES (along with a variation on them-your welcome, Mary Cobb!) for our January class, the demo book for our February some surprises are coming your way.
Again, may 2009 be blessed, happy & healthy for you and yours. Until next time, happy stamping & scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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