Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sat. AM Update...

Well! I can safely say...I am ready for my new cabinet whenever my moving men ( won't go there!!!) can bring it! I had a very productive day. I managed to get things moved out and at least swept (my "supervisor" approved, by the way! Lol!) and I got my Artful Legacy design team card(S!) done for Monday's post! Oh-and picked up the dresses from the seamstress for the upcoming wedding, ran by work to tend to a few issues that had come up, picked up a client's mail AND found a FREE bicycle in really good condition. Other than the nasty scratch to the head by Ms. Dolly (she took offense when I said I was leaving for a little bit...)--it was a pretty good day! Today I am off to help my boss' wife with a yard sale as he has to leave for a funeral service. Ministers are on call 24/7. Whatever you do today, have a good one and take some time to scrap and stamp! Blessings, Sharon

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Linby said...

Thanks for visiting my blog as part of the hop and for leaving such a nice comment. You have a fab craft room.
Lynn x