Sunday, January 16, 2011

Men In Black...

How about 4 good-looking guys (at least I think so! May be just a wee bit biased...!) for some INSPIRATION?! If you haven't checked out the Close to my Heart Inspiration's flyer...time is running out! The bargains end January 31st. And believe you me, there are A LOT of bargains! The flyer features the new WINGS papers along with some awesome stamp sets-including the Bohemian Alphabet you see here. I had this photo from my step-son's wedding this past June. Their wedding colors match the paper colors PERFECTLY---so that alone was some inspiration to get them scrapped! Can't do anything "too girly" so I thought (what I call) a "break-out" frame would be ideal--that and the dark paper! I color dusted the edges of the green side, folded out the dark side to frame the photo...This is a pic of where I left my page last needed something--I dreamed about the page all night! After church and a little housework, I went back, removed the border pieces, color dusted, added the black mats along with the two photos of my husband and NOW I am happy with it. Done tweaking! My photography does not do the papers or the photos justice. I am sorry. Gotta go back to early morning photos in my bathroom of all places! That just seems to be the only lighting that works! lol!
Now, it's Sunday--so I have to do a little bit of preaching here. This wedding was back in June of last year (although the photo in the bottom left was taken at our wedding in June 2008). The wedding this year was an extremely difficult time for my husband and I and, in all honesty, we weren't sure our marriage was going to make it! We were really struggling. Not sure the boys or the rest of the family knew that at the time. We put on smiles and got through it. We came home and struggled some more. We talked about the tough stuff, we sought counsel from other couples we trust and respect from our church. We asked for prayer. My "groupies", Theresa in particular, did a lot of listening and praying for me (and us) as well. I was at wits end and about to give up when one of my gals, Mary Cobb, said "You don't want to quit 5 minutes before the miracle." I remember getting angry and thinking she just didn't know how bad it was. But I went home and kept on keeping on. Fast forward a few more months and a trip to the ER turned things around (Christian speaker and author Howard Hendricks once said, "sometimes it takes a crisis to precipitate a change.") God decided to show us the miracle he had in store for us. Our marriage is better and stronger today than it has ever been. And we are committed to making it even better. It's not easy-life sometimes isn't. But reach out. Get help. Find someone to listen, to pray, to walk with you through whatever valley. Hang on, and hang in-after all, as MC said, you don't want to give up 5 minutes before your miracle...! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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