Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbook Rewards---DON'T FALL FOR IT!

Ok-so I said I was going to be MIA--and I am--things have gone from bad to worse and 3:30 pm finds me in my pjs, under the blankies with a drink. And the cats. The rest I will leave to your imagination. It's not been a good day. BUT-I need to try and keep you from having a worse here goes. In my e-mail in box, and in the new Creating Keepsakes magazine the postman left in my mailbox (yes, the mail did come despite the 10 snow flakes and rain...)--is an advertisement for a GREAT LOOKING credit card-you can have your pick of (scrapbooked) designs--AND it promises you FREE SCRAPBOOK STUFF! And yes, once upon a time...the Stamp Queen fell for it. You know the saying...if it sounds to good to be true...? Well, my BEST advice to you is--DON'T FALL FOR IT! What they don't tell you is...very, very little of your purchases COUNT toward your so-called "Rewards". The rest of the story is---that the "REWARDS" they offer are sky high in price so that you get very little bang for your buck in the end. And their collections department is your WORST NIGHTMARE and then some! Having fallen on some hard times some time back, I enlisted the help of a (Christian) credit counseling organization. They were-and are-awesome. Scrapbook Rewards group (aka Visa/National City), however, was even their undoing. Despite a written agreement between the three parties and a payment plan in place, 8-10 months later I was still getting 6-8 phone calls in one day! It took my threatening legal action against everyone involved before it ceased! My so-called "reward"? A one-year magazine subscription that would've cost me $ 25 tops. LOTS of headaches and hassles. It was so not worth it! So-take my advice and DON'T DO IT! Until next time, STAY WARM---and happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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