Wednesday, March 30, 2011

THANK YOU for Serving....

No, not tea...for SERVING OUR COUNTRY.  A few of our groupies, along with the postmistress from OKI Post Office, helped Theresa and I put together 30 gift bags for the Wounded Warrior Women's Ride starting today through Saturday evening.  Wounded Warriors have arranged for a "women's only" ride.  Thirty women veterans who were, as the name implies, wounded while serving in our armed forces, will arrive today on our illustrious island and be retrofitted for bicyles.  Tomorrow they will take a 5 mile bike ride through a large secluded subdivision (Oh the St. James people won't like me using that "subdivision" word!Lol!), then kyaking.  On Friday they will be pampered during what Mr. Racine called "beauty day".  A local massage therapist, cosmotologist and nail tech will be offering their services along with local hairdressers.  On Saturday I am told that, compliments of Jimmy Buffet, the ladies will be dining at Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach and then see a show.  WOW!  When I heard what Mr. Racine and his wife were putting together--my heart leaped.  I don't (often) jump on a bandwagon without hesitation but I KNEW the moment I heard about their endeavor, we HAD to do something!  So here's MY KUDOS TO: Buzz, who provided the homemade and beautifully packaged cookies, kleenex, hand sanitizer and mints; Theresa D. of the post office for the bottles and fillers for the OKI souveniers, Susan for her contribution towards the adorable journals and pens, my goddaugther Maren who ran the Big Shot machine at least 60 times (while eating McD's potato cakes with the other hand!) to help make the rosette pins AND who single-handedly "stuffed" all 30 of those bottles, to Theresa who saved my over-complicating things by trying to make 30 rosettes that I failed at...she didn't kill me--she fixed them....and I promised her lunch one day....and for designing the cards to to in the bags.  I tossed in the nail file holders and the dream pillows and rounded out the cost of the journals and pens.  I THINK they are AWESOME.  We delivered them yesterday and met one of the WW.

She was extremely nice and I almost cried when she looked at me and said, "Thank you, M'am." I looked right back and said, "No, THANK YOU."  We take our freedom here in the US a little too lightly I think.  So ladies-KUDOS.  You came through and I thank you.  I could not have done it without you! Hopefully, we spread a little sunshine into their lives.  Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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