Friday, August 12, 2011

August pages & The Bed is Coming! The Bed is Coming!

Our "groupies" met Tues. night
and we learned to "read the recipe"!
Using the One-Way Mirror layout in the
Close to My Heart Magic book
we first went "shopping" to choose papers
(I had a selection for them to choose from so all the pages were a wee bit different depending on what designer paper they chose--all the papers coordinated of course
so it was easy-peasy).
Then we put the pages together following the cutting diagrams.
It was a good way to get the basics of seeing and constructing a page down
and I think we'll be doing a little more of that kind of thing.
The theme was JUST BEACHY
Here's what mine look like:

I absolutely adore this little crab running off with the "y"!
He's a stamp by Stamp It! that I've had for years and is well-used & loved!
The papers are from CTMH and are the MIRACLE paper packs.
I embossed (using a rolling pin and counter top since my big shot died...)
the Cricut cut letter with the Swiss Dot embossing folder
and then sanded them
(CTMH papers have a white core-so you really get a two-for-one:
the solid color as well as the white center--a "two-fer"!)
And speaking of Cricut...
next month's class is going to be on just that-how to use your Cricut.
And Close to My Heart has an August special going from the 15th-31st...
buy the new Cricut cartridge for $99 (which comes with lots of extra goodies)
and get the August Stamp of the Month for $ 5.00
and two FREE stamps sets!

And...I need all my friends and fans to buy lots of these because...
drumroll please...
Our mattress is a nightmare
it's like sleeping on concrete-only harder.
I am NOT exaggerating.
My fibromyalgia is flaring so bad
I can hardly walk when I get up in the morning.
It's t-totally miserable
and we all know---
if Momma isn't happy-NOBODY is happy
and you can't be happy when you're not sleeping
and in pain 24/7.
'nough said.
So hubby ordered The Sleep Number Bed.
Now I just have to pay for it.
I think it's going to help tremendously.
I am praying it will, anyway
since I have given up on all those in the medical field
traditional or otherwise.
My experience yesterday has led me to the conclusion
they don't listen, they don't remember what they've done/are doing
and they don't know anything.
They guess.
At our expense. Financially, physically, etc.
I can fully understand
how people opt to turn to alcohol and street drugs
for relief.
Dealing with today's medical profession will drive you to it.
Not that that's what I am going to do...
but I am ready to fire the whole slew of them.
They aren't helping. It's not working.
And my having to remind them every. single. time.
of what they have and haven't done---
It just adds to my misery.
I covet your prayers.
For answers. For relief.
For some peace of mind ('cause I really have none left!)
Off to prepare for the yard sale Theresa and I are doing tomorrow
and to get ready for the arrival of the bed
(this means lots of laundry, the juggling of two big beds in our house
and finding a new dust ruffle not to mention putting up two boxes of winter clothes that haven't gone back to their storage spot yet...been sitting there since...well, spring...sigh!)
I'll go back to bed instead!
Whatever you do, happy stamping & scrapping!
ps/not sure where my cute signature design went?! oh well-
maybe that sneaky crab ran off with it!

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Stressed Stamper said...

fab pictures - I too love yr crab...
Sarah x