Friday, August 19, 2011

I can't do it all...

At some point I  *think* (dangerous---very, very dangerous!)
that I posted that I was DETERMINED
to "catch up" my goddaughter's scrapbook.
Having "gaps" in her photos
from times that they had lived away from the beach
(they're now back--thankfully!)
I called her mother and asked if I could come over
and peruse their photos-scan what I wanted...
and she said sure.
When I got there she said
"On second thought-just take them!"
She handed me 6-8 boxes of photos
just like that!
I had the child's entire life in photos
in my hands!
Talk about nervous!!!
Well, after I sent 1/2 of them home...
I discovered my computer
had not saved what I had scanned...
(insert wordy-durds here).
They will be coming back
along with the child who will hopefully help me
with this project.
Last night I went through the 3 boxes I do have...
and the stack--no STACKS of photos keep growing...
The child is only 11...soon to be 12
(going on 25...)
I am on book 2
and that's without filling in the gaps.
I was feeling a wee bit overwhelmed
and thinking
"I need more family pics..." or "I didn't take that one to scan..."
and wondering how I was going to do it all...
and God tapped me on the shoulder
Yep, it was HIM.
He said,
"You can't do it all.
If you do...
what is SHE going to do?"
Hmmm...good point.
His usually are!
Ya see,
I started this child stamping at 2 1/2
she LOVED it
no paper and crayons for her---
it HAD to be stamps, ink, paper.
We've progressed to scrapbooking.
She's done (mini) books with me
she's done pages on her own.
She comes to my classes
and we've gone to a crop...or two?
I can't tell her whole life story.
She will have to pick up the slack.
After all,
she has to have something to scrapbook too.
But ya can see my dilemma...
with picture such as these...

what's a scrapbooker to do?
Each one...
is worthy of it's own page!
And this is only one-maybe two or 3 years?!
So that's what I've been up to.
Sorting photos.
Making TOUGH decisions!
There is hope, however!
Close to My Heart
makes these great pages-
they hold SIX PHOTOS
either vertically or horizontally
and then there are these things called FLIP FLAPS
that you can find here
and don't forget the EXTENDER POSTS
while you're there---you'll need them, trust me
even if you aren't (related to) moi-the POP-DOT QUEEN!
What else?
is sending me a NEW BIG SHOT!
I found my receipt-it's still under warranty---
so I have a new one on the way.
And...drum roll please
THE BED is coming
Once it's set up
I am getting in it.
For a good long while.
Better go get out of my jammies
don't want to scare the delivery men away!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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