Friday, March 30, 2012

Flying on Friday -- Part 2

There's a reason
Flylady says...
only take out what you can do in an hour...
no more...and then
I did the dresser-go me!
And promptly moved on to the closet.
I took out all my clothes...
shelf and rod...
and by the time I ende up with this...

I was tired and overwhelmed.
When that happens-go to Wal-Mart!
I did-I took a break-ran some errands
(I actually wanted some Zero
Kiwi Strawberry carbonated water from WM--good excuse!)
and came home.
I looked at my old clothes dividers

and decided I needed new ones...pretty ones!
So I detoured to the craft room.
I used the AP CTMH cartridge to cut the scallop--
I used some old circle templates to cut the center out-
I ran it through the Big Shot

THE PERFECT STAMP to go with it
from Find Your Style

stamped in CHOCOLATE of course
(part of the reason a lot of those clothes are a wee bit small---
nah-it's the dryer's fault!)

Since we live at the beach (high humidity)
I decided to encase it in clear contact...
all the layers-just make a sandwich
and trim around leaving about 1/8-1/4" edge to it
so it stays sealed...

I used the AP cartridge to do the label shapes
and I cannot remember the name of the alphabet set---
but I liked the random letters...
added a lace bow--and stopped there!
Oh-pop dots--of course-
that popped up the label and the dress shape...
You also have to make a slit for it to slip over the rod...

Here it is in my closet..
I hung it up-and ran into technical difficulty
because of even though the weight of the embellishment
isn't much 
it is on one side-
so my marker immediately did a summersult...
Back to the craft room-the glue gun...
what to use to "weigh it down"?
26 cents worked just fine-had to fiddle a little
to get it in just the right place...but it's good enough for me!

to go unload this
so I can sleep there tonight!
Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett-
I'll make more dividers...
swap out winter for summer!
Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!
that first photo?
The stop sign?
This is the reaon I took it...
if you look to the bottom right
you will see...

these guys sitting in the sun!


Kristin said...

Love your clothes dividers!

Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

The dividers are a great idea!, and the turtles?. Oh my!