Sunday, March 11, 2012

Serenity...on Sunday....

this little guy
knew his momma was upset---
and he was upset...
at reading/bedtime last night
he was curled up by my pillow.
He let me get in
and then curled up on my lap.
(almost never happens!)
We both fell asleep that way.
Today dawned
cool but sunny
I slept through the night
and woke up rested
with no headache--
a first in 6 days!
Then we went to church...
The message-and a prayer
for us to leave things at the foot of the cross
before bed
so God can sing us to sleep
with His love song
that we might rest
and start the day anew
free from the sins
that bog us down
and bind us to yesterday...
while our praise band sang
found me on my knees at the alter
with prayer warriors behind me...
and I was reminded
is my hope--my light, my strength, my song...
and so on.
not doctors...not my own flawed thinking
but in HIM.
If I hold fast to that---
HE will guide me to what's best.
All those frustrations---
delayed test results, not getting test results,
tests done non-fasting that should haVe been fasting,
not wanting to talk about the real issues at hand,
and the list goes on and on---
were simply HIS WAY
of saying---
this isn't the right place or the right path...
Lightbulb moment.
I was too close to the situation to see it clearly
but He did...and thank you, Jesus
for blocking the way and keeping me from harm!
And getting through this thick skull of mine!
the sun is out-it's cool but not too cold
for a bike ride...fresh air...
that's what I will do today--
some being still and listening...
He'll let me know
what I need to do---for now, I just need to
be still...and know that He is  God...

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


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