Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cat and cotusions....

I walked past Inky's bowl
(aka the baby)
and this is what I saw...
I had to laugh!
I guess he was saving one piece
for a snack!
Later the same day...

I saw him sitting on top of the TV!

"If only I knew how to turn this thing on..."
he seems to be saying...!
The next photo
is not for the faint of heart....
it shows what happens
when one is going 90 miles an hour
and runs her thigh
into the very pointed corner
of the desk in the church office...

The bruise is about my fist size
and I confess...
although not Catholic
I needed confession after the things I said
when we connected!
It wasn't isn't pretty!
And it sure hurts!!!

I haven't changed the background and header yet--
I will get around to it-or not.
And to my reader that commented on the catnip toys
and the opening of my Etsy shop---
I PROMISE it will be soon!
At least in time to order goodies for Christmas!
I cleaned the "magic kingdom" (aka my craft room)
this week-end
and one of the last things I did today
was to fill a candle holder
with some of my coconut scented bath salts
and nestled a candle down into it---
it smells AWESOME!!!
Maybe I need to repackage them
as room fresheners!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

1 comment:

Stressed Stamper said...

Owch Owch Owch....witch hazel gel brings out bruises and stops them hurting - presume you will have something similar