Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lessons from Cleaning the Craft Room...

So far
I haven't gotten lost in there
or gotten stuck under
an avalanche of stuff!
 What a disaster it is!
How nice it's going to be
when I get done!
two lessons learned this morning:
ALWAYS use the hand-held vac
(mine is a Shark and I LOVE IT!)
to sweep.
It is much, much easier
when you catch a glimpse of what you *think*
might have been a clear rubber stamp
being sucked up
to retrieve it.
when I emptied it onto the paper towels...
I found not one
but TWO!
And yes,
one was an alphabet stamp--
I am FOREVER losing one from a set-
no matter how careful I am.
At least...I found it.
speaking of found it...
Lesson Two is...
clean the craft room
before you buy
the second stamp set
because you lost your favorite stamp from it.
Not only did I find the FAVORITE stamp..
I found the whole darn set that I could swear I looked at
20 times before I ordered it.
At least I found it--and I will have backup.
And I found the pretty AUTUMN banner
and hung it up!

back to it.
That magic wand seems to be broken again.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.]

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