Saturday, April 18, 2015

Messy Magic Kingdom + More Stuff = Time to Organize!

Rain, rain go away---
but at least Sharon won't go out to play!
Another rainy day!
But I can't walk through my much-neglected Magic Kingdom
aka my craft room...
and the magic wand still isn't working...
so I'd better get to it.
Yesterday I got a new stamp set in the mail.
I saw some cute cards on a blog
and wanted to be able to make them.
Now it's time to put the stamps away
until I do---
but how will I remember where to find the instructions
whenever creative mojo strikes and time allows?
Chances are---I won't
and I will spend precious crafting time
just trying to track down the image and measurements.
We've all done it.
Since I was filing away some more digital stamps
from last week's project-
I had a great idea!
Why not...
take the time NOW while I KNOW where the images and measurements are
on the blog I follow
and print out a pic
put the directions on the back of that-
and put it away with the stamp set?!
I know.
It just took a gazillion years to
think of it!
I may "flutter" with the Flylady system but boy,
sometimes I SOAR like with this idea.
I got two new stamp sets-
so off to do the other one the same way
before I get back to putting stuff away.
Next I need to organize my Copic refills.
I've outgrown the box I had them in
and I want to be sure they are stored upright.
Stay tuned.
Rain + raging Fibromyalgia = lots of breaks inbetween work
(which Flylady also advocates!)
Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!

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