Monday, April 6, 2015

O Happy Day!

Happy Belated Easter!
Not only was it Easter week-end
but I also celebrated a milestone birthday
on Friday.
Can't believe I am that old young!
And just remembered TODAY
that I was going to blow bubbles that day-
and forgot!!!
Oh well-add it to today's list!
I typically go to our local sunrise service
but I went to bed with either allergies/cold/both and...
and decided being out in the cold
with the wind and water and pollen
were not in my best interest
even tho I was awake in plenty of time.
I contemplated the significance of the day
in the comfort of my covers!
When I did go to church
I parked in my usual spot under some trees.
I stepped out from under the tree cover to cross the street
and looked up into the clear crisp crystal blue sky
and saw something free-floating down.
Not a bird in sight
nothing it could have fallen from
except the sky.
My first thought was,
"is that a feather?"
"Or a piece of plastic?"
But when it landed
and I walked over to it
it was pristine white feather.
Now Psalm 91 is one of my favorites-
it talks of how God will protect us
we will be covered by His wings...
it was given to me at a particularly difficult time in my life
and I found a lot of comfort and reassurance in it
so much so
that when we built our new sanctuary
and the foundation had been laid
everyone (that wanted to) was given a Sharpie marker
and told to write their favorite Scripture on the cement.
Even tho it was carpeted over
we KNOW we are standing on His promises-literally!
I know exactly where mine is!
Going through another difficult time now
and I guess God wanted me to be reminded
that He has this!
I am indeed under His wings and care...

Not sure why that verse is all blurry---but it says....
"He who dwells in the shadow of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty....
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge..."
Psalm 91:1, 3 (NIV)
I was "home alone" this week-end
well, other than the 5 cats...!
And I spent Friday hanging out with my friend Theresa
and her husband Bob
at a local craft show she was a vendor at
and she gave me a beautiful necklace with a charm that says
"In Christ alone my hope is found".
Pretty aqua color-I will post a pic later on.
I got a free Tropical Smoothie-my fav/only one I've tried! - is Kiwi Quencher
and then enjoyed a quiet evening
and some coconut wine said friend's husband made!
Speaking of YUM
I tried a new recipe last night-
crock pot - super simple
and HEAVENLY delicious!
Crock Pot Chick Burrito Bowl
I did cut back a little on the chili powder
as I just like a little kick
and then after I melted the cheese on top
I added sour cream and guacamole.
And so easy to do-and easy clean up...
my kind of cooking!
Backing up a bit---Saturday I made a birthday card
for a special girl turning teen-ager!
My friends I mentioned earlier-Theresa and Bob-
it is Theresa's neice.
And at the top of her birthday wish list
were Copic markers.
Well, gee, some new colors of those were MY birthday gift to myself!
So I fully understood her desire!
I told Theresa I wanted to give Jackie 3 markers to help with her collection.
Back when I was first getting started in stamping
my husband was ill, money was tighter than tight
and a gal who owned the local (and I mean on our Island!) stamp store
took pity on me and blessed me with tons of stamps
as she went out of business and moved.
I have never forgotten that act of kindness
and this was one way to pay it forward.
I wanted something with a  "wish" look in it-
not too baby-ish but not over the top trampy as the other extreme
sometimes look
and I think I found the happy medium.
Just as I was putting the last finishing touches on---
I managed to get a glue glob right where that orange banner piece is.
Hence the banner!
Oh well-it covered it and saved my image!

Everyone needs a little sparkle---

so I dusted her wings and wand with
hollographic embossing powder.
Oh-my trick here?
For whatever reason the pen I have
that is supposed to lay down clear embossing fluid
leaves a distinct blue effect and smears my colors.
So I use a q-tip and just roll it over my Versamark pad
and then dab it on the area I want to emboss.
I am not the greatest at shadows and colors---
but I am learning.
And growing my Copic stash as well
(of course my order arrived after I did her card! Lol!)
Oozak offers excellent customer service and free shipping
on orders over $ 50.00.
LOG IN to get the best deals when you order.
I am off today (Monday)
and headed to my craft room
to clean and make some cards
with the images I colored last night
and a cute z-flap card that I found
on Dawn's Stamping Studio
so stay tuned!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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