Friday, April 3, 2015

Thank You...whoever you are!

So last week I was in a meeting
and it was mentioned that two ladies from another group
had volunteered to do something that would benefit our group and,
before I knew it, I had opened my mouth and out popped,
"Oh! I will be glad to make two thank you cards for them"
and they jumped on it! Lol!
I didn't anticipate
how hard it is to make two cards
(really-I've done this for YEARS....)
for people you don't know.
At all.
Zip. Nada. Zippo.
No favorite colors, no likes/dislikes...sigh.
I spent hours on Pinterest and blogs
and a few more in my craft room
with a ton of "I really don't like that, either" cards.
Until one morning
1/2 hour before work...
I came up with this idea...

and was happy, happy happy!
I love this aqua color (that's my work counter at my office-notice
the similarity in color choices! I think it's called "wading pool")

The "thanks" is stamped with Staz-on on vellum
and popped up with pop dots (of course)
The dp behind the thanks is from a small pad I picked up at Hobby Lobby
and love!
The floral band is washi tape.
The thanks and light aqua ribbon is Stampin' Up
and I ran out of the ribbon so had to substitute on the second card.

I liked the slightly off-center and then the three little sparkles.
Hope the group-and the two recipients-like them!
Well, today is a be-nice-to-me day.
It's my birthday!
I am planning on doing nothing I absolutely do not want to do!
A few chores have to be done but beyond that---
it's my day to do as I please!
A meeting (I enjoy), my friend Theresa has a beautiful day
for a local craft show so I will go see her booth and poke around
at the competition (really, there isn't any!)
sort some things I want/need to,
maybe order a (gluten-free) pizza
and even go see a movie...
who knows!
Hoping my order of Copics shows up from Oozak!
Hmmm! Those would be fun to play with, too!
and blow some bubbles.
A must!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Beautiful - though maybe let someone else next time - you always seem to be the person that does all the crafty bits for everyone.
Happy Easter