Saturday, February 20, 2010

Answered Prayers...

Yesterday...I mentioned that I had gone out to the Aquatics Center at our community college and spent just about 1/2 hour in the pool with my friend, Robin, who walked me through some gentle stretches. Robin teaches water areobics and thought the warmth of the pool coupled with the stretches (I am far from ready or able to a take a class--hence the "one on one" modified version!) would help my fibromyalgia. Let me tell you...fibro not walk, RUN to the first available pool and instructor you can find. I actually slept last night (not simply dozing and thinking about how much I hurt...because I didn't!), I actually have some energy today (that's been almost non-existent and anything I have done I've "forced" myself to do...even the fun stuff!), and I saved the best part for last---THE PAIN LEVEL IS DOWN CONSIDERABLY! Yes, with one session! I will shoulders really hurt last night, but I put the heating pad on and that subsided. I did wake up with some pain-part fibro and part from working out (my husband laughs-styrofoam weights and I hurt?! Well, resistance in the water coupled with pain...) But what I woke up with was down at least by half and after I got out of bed and moved a little bit, my pain level is down at least 75%!!! I feel like ME again---! Anyone living with chronic pain will understand the magnitude of this. So-please try this or pass the info on to someone you know who might benefit from it. I cannot wait to see what a regular routine of this will do even if I only get to go 1x a week!
On stamping notes...I got my spray paint for my tape gun so hopefully I can get that done and decorated and posted. I also have another card to post. For now, I have a small black cat quite contentedly sitting in my lap, am going to have another cup of coffee and continue checking out my fav blogs. Theresa at has some BEAUTIFUL baby cards up! Send her some get well wishes--she's got a horrible cold! Until later, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

So glad you are feeling much better..thinking of you