Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My "mojo"...

has got up and "went"---and hasn't told me where! Sorry ladies--I just can't seem to get motivated and everything I've attempted has failed in one way or another. Even trying to "pimp my tape gun" (decorate it) as they call it. I finally decided that it wasn't working all gummed up and took it completely apart on Sunday. Between Greased Lightening, Bar Keeper's Friend and Goo Gone---all the gooies are now gone! On the recent return trip from the vet (Inky's eye is still recovering--one more week of drops and a recheck-my husband is putting him in the carrier next time, thank you very much!)--I attemted to get Krylon Fusion Baby Blue spray paint. WM didn't have it and of course Lowe's didn't have it. So it's either order it on-line or take a chance and 1/2 day trip to Wilm. Soooo frustrating. I got two
"Drama Queen" rub ons off e-bay--most appropriate--my life is so full of DRAMA of one sort or another that I really should write a book or mini-series! Anyway-next time you see this will look completely different-and better, I hope! I also have to order more tape-anybody know who has the best deal?!
Oh-and I've also decided to start my MINI COOPER FUND! My dream automatic mini cooper! Just my size! Color is optional right now...! Lots to save before I get to that point! So if you need any Close to My Heart stuff, want to sign up for a class or two, or want to contribute to a good cause...e-mail me! Lol. For now, I better get my bottom to my "real" job. Due to the economy, no raise this year, either. Bummer. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

sorry you are not feeling crafty...fab about mini cooper fund. I did it for my beetle soft top, and I love it - silver..only taken me ....!!!??? years