Monday, February 15, 2010

Laundry S.O.S.!

Since I hadn't accomplished much in the way of housework on Saturday, I decided I had at least get some laundry done yesterday. I started to put a load of light clothes in the washer when GASP! I discovered that one of my (lt. yellow) shirts had Cranberry CTMH ink all over it-I mean the entire pad was stamped on the bottom of my shirt (I had worn it on Fri.!) As if that weren't bad enough, my favorite new winter shirt (not too thin, not too thick but just warm enough...) which was oatmeal in color...also had ink on it. Not as much---and a few other spots as well (it I wore on Sat.) What to do?! I called Theresa---no, she'd never had any luck getting ink out. So I was alone in this laundry quandry. Although I had (unsuccessfully) used Oxiclean before, it was the only thing I had so I sprayed the spots heavily. I then threw in the laundry soap we use (special ordered liquid allergy free for my oh so sensitive skin). Said a prayer, set the dial to cold and let 'er rip. I held my breath when I went to pull the clothes out and, when I did, I wished I had taken "before" and "after" shots!!! The oatmeal shirt looks brand new : )
The yellow shirt has one insy tinsy pink line at the bottom by the hem--that's all! Since an apron wouldn't cover long sleeves---I think I will save that solution for summer. Maybe my next thrift store trip I will scour the men's shirts and see if I can't find something funky to wear when I am stamping for just this very reason! Carbona makes excellant stain removers, too-I just didn't happen to have any and, of course, the only store that did was at least 1 1.2 hrs. away!
I am super sleepy today and wish I could curl up and go back to sleep--but work becons. Maybe the 3rd cup of java will be just the thing to get me going! Until next time--happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

Been away for Valentines weekend - so just catching up - great cards made while I was away - and wow - snow...I too am sick of snow - roll on summer I say...then I will probably be fed up of that and wish for the snow