Saturday, February 27, 2010

WE were picked!!!

The "Dynamic (Stamping & Scrapbooking) Duo" from OKI/Southport are now members of Artful Legacy's FIRST DESIGN TEAM!!!! OHMYGOSH---I am SO EXCITED I can hardly type--and I woke up poor Theresa (et al) at 9 AM this morning (at least I decided to sleep late-there are mornings I am up at 4:30 AM or so!) Anyway---Once Upon a Time...There was a stamp and scrapbooking store just outside of Myrtle Beach called Artful Legacy. The bad news was...they decided to close...the GOOD NEWS is...they decided to maintain an on-line store for stamps and supplies. They feature their own stamp line designs and have an awesome selection! They put a call out a few weeks back for applicants for their FIRST DESIGN TEAM. I waited until practically the last minute but went for it. The announcement for the 4 team members was to be made on Monday (this coming-see, so excited I can't think straight). When I had a message this AM from Artful Legacy, my heart almost stopped. No, I bet I didn't make it. I hesitated opening it then, took a big swig of coffee and did. I made it!!! I squealed and scared the cats half to death! I couldn't believe it! My next thought was, "but wait---what about Theresa?!" She does better work than I do (I think!)---what if...but THERE WAS HER NAME, TOO! This is what Christine had to say:

Hi Sharon,
Yes I remember you. I really like your work and your blog! We really like what you did with the chairs - very clever - I would of never thought to do that! We would like to also welcome you as a member of our First Ever Design Team - Congratulations!!
We will get some stamps off to you so you can go to work! I am so excited!!! I think this is going to be a really great Journey for all of us.
If you would like to take at look at our stamps and pick out a few to get started that would be great. If not we will send you something for St, Patrick's and Easter/
The following are Artful Legacy Design Team Members: Congratulations Everyone

Betty Podell:

Becky Allen : Becky will be taking over Katie's blog soon

Theresa Forge blog:
and splitcoast site:

Sharon Russell:

Amanda Brazelton: Does not have a blog yet

Jessica Altman:
Have A Blessed Day
Christine & Buck
our new blog:
- Congratulations!!
our new blog:
The stamped image in the middle of the card at the top-the chairs and sea oats, are from Artful Legacy. What Christine refers to in her e-mail was my comment that I wanted two chairs facing each other-not side by side. What to do? There is such a thing as a blank mirror image stamp-you are supposed to be able to stamp your image, stamp it on the blank stamp, and then stamp that image to give you a mirrored works, but isn't the greatest. Then I had one of my (few!) brainstorms-stamp on vellum! So i stamped one chair on the front of the vellum (with Staz-On ink), flipped my paper over, and stamped the second chair on the back--whalla! Mirrored-image chairs! Here are the other two samples I submitted:

Now I am off to go check out the other winners blogs, and see what stamps I would like to work with. I suggest you do some blog-hopping as well (Saturday's are good for that! ; ) Take some time to look and see what Artful Legacy has to offer. It will be time well spent! Christine and Buck, THANK YOU for this opportunity! I will do my best to do you proud! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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Congrats to you - well deserved...