Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Peeps---er, BUNNIES~!

First, I saw this stamp on e-bay and just couldn't resist! It was too cute! It is a Studio G and although Michael's carries them (check out their dollar bin), I have not seen it there. I can't imagine why?!!! Then, to go with it...I HAD to make the Peeps-er, BUNNIES-in a jar! I forget whose blog I originally saw this idea on--but I had to do it!!! If you go to Lisa's Workshop (see link below), you will find everything you need--even the cute little bunny tag on the inside that tells you how to bake them. My good friend, Theresa, loves Peeps almost as much as my late husband did. It doesn't seem right to not buy Peeps at Easter but, since they are filled with corn syrup and I am allergic to corn, well, I best avoid them. So when I saw this, Theresa immediately came to mind! It is rather easy to do--getting the 8 bunnies to fit along the inside of the jar and stay there until I could get the M&M's in was the hardest part. You definitely want to use either a wide mouth jar or have something like a long knife handy to help hold and smoosh them in.
I had been wanting to try this for sometime but didn't want to the bunnies to get stale, so I put it together Friday afternoon along with the card. I've been battling a migraine cycle for a week now--and, in my excitement to give this to Theresa yesterday when she came to teach me to use my Bind-It-All...I did not see...the brown ink blob on the green flowers (or I would have changed them out) or the fact that, even though I put the jar and card in a pretty matching green and white gingham bag with the bunny sentiment on the front (ok-so the bag was recycled and I used the stamp to cover up the sticker logo on the bag...!) --I never signed the card! Lol. Good thing Theresa knows I am sometimes ditsy and scatter-brained! She was so excited she probably didn't notice. She told me she had just joined the Peeps fan club and that Rita's (frozen ice) has Peep-flavored ice (for a limited time only-when she visits her sister next week-end, she's filling a cooler with it and bringing some home-!) so I guess the ink blob and unsigned card are insignificant!
For now, I am going to crash on the couch again before tackling the kitchen and laundry. Or maybe I will curl up in Dolly's room. I got her to come up and lay down with me earlier! She even rolled over on her back and closed her eyes and purred at me! She's extremely dainty but still very timid and shy.
Tomorrow I will have another project I finished yesterday (thanks to Theresa) so stay tuned. And of course on Wed. will be the Artful Legacy post. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

Yes it is a nice stamp. Love the MS punch and the bright greens used