Friday, July 2, 2010

GOTTA try this!!!

Ok ladies---before the next trip to the hardware store...make a list. Ya gotta get some LARGE WASHERS and try this "GLAZED WASHER" project! I stole the picture from this site which will tell you whatcha gotta do. They used Diamond Glaze to hold down the paper. You can use the Crystal Effects to glue it down-it doesn't have to be Diamond Glaze and I don't think there's any place around here to get it anymore anyway! If you have the right size circle punches, you can also cut out your circles that way and don't HAVE to have the big shot, nestabilities, etc. although...I did just get the nestabilities circles so I am all set! ; ) I think these would make great, INEXPENSIVE gifts! How many times have ya'll seen me hook my glasses, sunglasses whatever glasses to the front of my shirt? They fall off, get in the way if I lean over, etc. With the open center, I think there is just enough room to slip a pair on that washer and double as an eyeglass holder! Or---you can even put a picture in the center-just make it small enough to peep through the hole but cut the circle large enough to adhere to the backside of the washer. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I am off to find my washers that are stored in some secret safe place...along with the fat Popsicle sticks I need for another project! (WM may have my bra size, but there wasn't a fat, skinny or any kind of Popsicle stick to be found in out "craft dept!). Until next time, enjoy the COOLER temp and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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