Monday, July 12, 2010


Maybe it’s because it’s summer and just plain hot outside...or because one of us in this house is always HOT and the other (the "spousal unit" as one blogger calls her mate) is walking around in sweat pants, sweatshirt, socks...well, what can I say?! It’s all part of "that age" and "power surges"! Lol! I just thought my husband was cold-natured....until our company went in search of sweaters and blankets as well!
So–what does my hot flashes have to do with ARTFUL LEGACY?! This idea did not originate with me–I am sorry, but I cannot remember whose blog I saw it on–but they used the Top Note die cut and large popsicle sticks to make these AWESOME hand-held FANS! They are going in every room in my house! AL's "beachy" stamps as I call them are a perfect pick for this project! On the die cut ones, I used AL’S ADIRONDACK CHAIR (SKU 114K) as well as the shell cluster-large (SKU AL 348 J). Then, as I was working-I got the idea to just use a strip of paper 4 1/4"x11", score on the 5 1/2"line, fold it over and round the corners? I think these with the large shell cluster, small shell cluster (SKU AL 347 G) and the Come Walk with Me (SKU AL 1276 JJ) sentiment are going to go into a jar with a little sand and shellsinto the guest room! What a neat little "treat" for those who want to venture out for a walk on the beach or to rock on the deck?! They are quick, easy and oh so inexpensive! ; ) And, for those of us who are always hot-OHSOHANDY!
The Artful Legacy images are so realistic-I can decide if I want to stretch out in that chair and nap...or go take a walk on the beach in search of shells?! Hmmm!
Until next time-KEEP COOL! Blessings, Sharon


artfulwhimsies said...

very pretty!

Stressed Stamper said...

What a nice idea - love them...could have done with them at the weekend!