Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi All. Theresa and I are back (under protest, I might add!) from our VERY FIRST CROP! OHMYGOSH! We SOOOOO did not want to leave! We had 9 hours of non-stop cropping, stamping, scrapbooking...! It was one of the most awesome times I've had! There were about 8 other ladies (guessing-I didn't stop to count! lol!), we had our very own tables (got there first so we had first pick! Others had to share-nanny-nanny-boo-hoo!) snacks, drinks and, probably the VERY best part...was we were at a store which meant...when you needed that extra sheet of paper or a different shade of just got up and got it and added it to your tally sheet. We were on the honor system! We did take a short break for lunch and a very quick trip to Michaels to pick up a few extra things. I think Theresa got 9 pages done in the day and I managed 12! Gotta confess-a few of them had a transparency overlay that made the page(s) super, super easy! We cannot wait for the next one and I am so going to keep my eyes out for an over-nighter to go to--or a week-end. Think that would make a great birthday present for Theresa (T, be sure BOB reads this! ; ) ). And, I've got to share this. Out of all the pages I did, this has got to be my favorite. Not quite finished-I need to add some rope around the pilings a little paint and Liquid Glass to make part of it even more realistic. I was working on these pages and had told Theresa, "I need a "splat" on here!" She laughed and agreed. As she was coming back from the back of the store, she happened to look on the store class supply shelves---and there it was! A "splat" punch! PERFECT!!! I think these photos are well camera is, pardon the expression, "crapping" out on me! But you get the idea! My goddaughter Maren had been on our widow's walk feeding the seagulls. She sat down to take a break and well, this is what happened! I can still hear her screaming as only a pre-teenager can! And all I could do (after I snapped the photos!) was laugh and chant that she had gotten pooped on by a seagull!
Yep, I think a little white, green and black paint with CE will make those plops of poop just pop off the page! It was a whole day of instant gratification! Watch the pages come together with all the supplies at your fingertips. I packed wayyyyyyyyyy too much stuff-but I didn't get to pre-plan any pages-just got the photos organized in time to go. Next time I can do a little more prep work and get even more done! Well, now it's time to do some housework, maybe a boat ride, reading, picnic supper and nap. Hmmm...or, I could stay in the cool and scrapbook some more!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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