Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day in My Life...

FYI...keep scrolling down--lots of pics--but a lot of gaps too-don't have time to fight with Blogger!

I know-it's Saturday-and I promised pages yesterday! Blogger...would not cooperate--and at 11 pm I called it quits--after you see all the pics-and read about my day at the bottom-you'll understand that I was POOPED! My pics of my pages refused to cooperate as well-but-this 12x12 page was made using the Close to My Heart Flip Flaps. The top flap is 4"x12 and the bottom flap is 8x12
. The "flaps" have an adhesive strip that attaches to the 12x12 page protector--making your page interactive and giving you much more space to scrap your photos! The Flip Flaps and Lynette's new MAGIC book are MUST-HAVES! E-mail me at to get yours today! I've been scrapping for 20+ years now and let me tell you-these two things have really impressed me!
My pics...are from the NC State fair--and yes, I was trying out a hot tub! It's on our "wish/want/list" and on the "need" list, too. The hot water really helps with my fibromyalgia pains! Good excuse, huh? Maybe Santa will take pity...scroll down for the rest of my day...oh-and
by the way-I am GRATEFUL for my
few but faithful FOLLOWERS!


Inky before...and after-I wore the poor baby out-he cleaned until he dropped!

Bad Cat--I fit in here, Momma!
Give a cat a box-and they are happy as pigs in poop!

the closet...before

the closet-AFTER

My helper...why she has a slinky on her head is beyond me--she's 11--need I say more?!

Her page we made...

..and it's been a looooooooooong one! Whew! I have been going hard since 8 AM! My 1-hr. closet clean out---took 4...if that tells you anything! But---go ahead---I dare you-just ask me where anything might be that could possibly be stored in there! I can put my hands on it faster than you can say I double dare you! Lol! It's been a long one-cleaned the magic kingdom (although I only have pics of the closet!), picked up my "helper"--had to stop for ice cream- a 100 on a spelling test deserves a treat--and I had been cleaning all day so I felt like I did, too!--worked some more (11 year olds are great company and helpful doing those tedious things that need doing that we don't want to take the time to-just takes a little bribery...and making a scrapbook page works--at least for now!), fixed dinner-well, microwaved the leftovers-we did eat by candlelight-thought that was a nice touch! watched a JAG dvd, put photos to the class pages we did Tues. night-almost finished at last! and now--photos...then---BED!

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