Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mass Production Mode and Thanks, TT!

Ok-so its 8:22 Sat. AM and I am stitting here with my pjs and a pair of my husbands old white socks on, have my second cup of coffee at hand, and my newly-cut naturally curly short red hair going every which way, with my spider Halloween ring on and....drumroll NEW black sparkly with purple jewels and spider TIARA on. Sorry-SO NOT going to post THAT picture-gotta use your imagination! Lol. It's quite a sight-a FRIGHTFUL one for sure! Lol! (I had another tiara on one day as I was cleaning the craft room and actually answered the front door with it on-never discovered it until after the neighbor left--wondered why he was looking at me funny!) THE craft show that Theresa and I have done together for the last 5-6 years (with the exception of last year) is exactly ONE WEEK from today. Yesterday...I convinced her and Theresa (two/daughter) to go with me to Wilmington as I needed flax seed for my herbal neckwraps and headache blend eye pillows, Christmas papers for my wallet gift card/Christmas receipt & list holders...and they did! I talked her out of getting ready for a spur-of -the-moment yard sale to going with me! And she still gave me a GORGEOUS Halloween card AND 4 Resses' Cups! She is a GREAT FRIEND! TT, too! You've got to go check out what THeresa made for her Yes-back to TT. She had gotten money from her Nana for Halloween and wanted to go to Claire's. That's a pre-teen/teen jewelry, make-up, hair bow shop in our "local" (translate: 1 hr. away!) mall. Well! Let me tell you! Claire's also has...AN ENTIRE TIARA SECTION!!! OHMYGOD! I was in TIARA HEAVEN let me tell you! (Of course my husband thinks the headband I got with the Devil horns fits better! HUMPH! That mini cooper is going to be so much fun to drive!) There were just wayyyyy too many (tiara's) to choose from! I know that TT and I will be going back there for sure! It was sooo much fun to try them on and well, the OKI StampQueen SHOULD have a selection of tiara wardrobe to choose from--gotta be well-dressed you know-particularly if you are a QUEEN!
Off to get some major crafting done-right after a coffee refill and some WARMER clothes! Will post pics of projects (probably!) as they get finished. Hoping for a hot spell for next Sat. as we are OUTSIDE! I'd rather sweat to death then be shivering! BE SAFE trick-or-treating but have fun, too! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
ps/Hubby said...his workmates hesitated to eat the muffins-they thought they looked too nice and had come from a professional bakery! When he told them they were homemade, the cameras started flashing and they started disappearing! Hmmm...may have started something here! ; )

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