Friday, February 4, 2011

Where have I been...

and, more importantly, what have I been doing?! Well...I decided that I want to take Studio J --Close to my Heart's digital scrapbooking program--for a test drive! The only thing BETTER...would be a MINI COOPER! And, well, a life-time supply of pop-dots! I don't even remember which day this week that I signed up--but once I did-I was ADDICTED! I love it-absolutely love it! First you pick the papers you want to work with--and they even have some of the no longer available retired papers on-line! Then you get a ton of different layouts you can choose from. Next, you upload your photos that you want to use. Ok-so this is easy but there are a few quirks with the photos: the editing capability in Studio J is limited-so it's best to edit your photos in your fav photo editing program before you upload them into Studio J. NOW comes the REALLY FUN PART! You can add journaling-titles in variety of fonts-ribbons, metal embellishments, quotes, stickease, buttons, bows, small, medium or large embellishments-there is quite a variety! You can change their location, their color, their size. If you like it, leave it. If not, just click the "trash can" icon and away it goes! I have created my Jan. 2011 pages (a layout consists of two side-by-side pages) as well as some from my step-son's wedding last year. I've been so enthralled with Studio J that I missed my blogging time and really only checked back here to look back and figure out what happened in the missing months of 2010 (you know those where nothing REALLY big happened...but you want to document what did...!)! So I thought I would take a minute and at least tell you what Studio J can do. Once you've finished your pages-you hit that wonderful "add to cart" icon! Close to My Heart prints the pages-the whole kit and caboodle-designer paper, photos, embellishments!-and mails them to you. You even get the PAGE PROTECTORS to put them in! Tuck them in there and put them in your book. Good to go! I AM SO LOVING IT! So--it is one-dimensional--but, intermingled with other pages with pop-dots, real ribbons, etc-I think it will make a nice mix. It will also cut down on some bulk in my books, too (Theresa still teases me about the desk calendar I made & used so many pop dots it won't close!) And, as my dh suggested, I am sure you could add your own "real" embellies to the Studio J pages if you wanted to. As soon as I get them, I will post photos. Until then-go check out Studio J yourself-go to for more info.
It's a cold, wet, rainy, gray day here for sure-I've got to do that flylady thing, some desk work and then I am playing with Studio J! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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