Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ain't gonna happen no 'mo!!!

I was wide awake this morning at 4:30 AM
(had a dentist appt. yesterday--and while the meds didn't really kick in
while I was in the chair they did after I walked out...
and I slept from 4 PM...until 1:30 AM...
and was up and down until I gave up
at 4:30 AM
and made coffee.
Then I discovered
that there were more GROUNDS in my cup than liquid coffee.
Out came the strainer, coffee filter...and that's how I finished my pot.
Then the lightbulb went off...
In my "stash" (aka craft room)
there are TEA BAGS--
light-weight sealed on three sides tea bags
that I use(d) for my herbal bath blends...
So this is what I did this morning...
I started with this
(disclaimer: I have NO CLUE how this brand of coffee tastes--my not a coffee drinking husband bought it...that's all I'm sayin about that!)...
and did this (I know how much I brew each morning
and filled the bags accordingly...)

hit the open edge with one swipe with the iron
(didn't even swipe really-just set it down there and it did it's thing
all in one shot!)

and put them in my canister that used to hold loose coffee!
It now holds a 7-day supply of

The extras went into a ziplock and into storage.
It literally took me less than 15 minutes to do a months supply!
No more "slipped" filters-no more coffee grounds in my cup
no more messy filters to fall apart all over everything
when they are wet and icky and I am trying to empty them!
I got the "tea bags" from a seller on e-bay-
they were CHEAP----for a ton of them.
Yea, I know-one coffee company makes the same thing.
I don't like their brand-and they are pricey just for convenience sake.
It was a PAPER PROJECT so why not?!

I was absolutely amazed with myself that I was able to sit through the cleaning yesterday
with little meds in me
I am TERRIFIED of the dentist!
Thanks, Dawn (Edwards-Dr. Jennifer LaQuay---they are AWESOME if you are a total chicken like me!), for a great job!
She knew what had happened and was just super checking in with me, telling me what she was going to do,
giving me breaks.
They even drilled and polished on a crown that was bothering me
(if you're local-stay clear of Dr. Jennifer WILLIAMS-I speak from (awful) experience!)
and have hopefully fixed the problem!
All that said-if you are afraid of dentists---find one that LISTENS.
I could have saved us thousands of dollars---had I found
the one I did that said, "we can give you happy pills (my name for them!)--
you will be awake, you will be aware---
Yep-I can talk, I can get through it---
I don't panic like I used to for days ahead of time knowing there's an appt. coming up!
So-take care of those choppers!


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Stressed Stamper said...

fab idea for yr coffee...glad you are dentist free again for a while
Sarah x