Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A little magic...

my friend Theresa has a birthday
a week and a half ago...
bad friend that I am
I just delivered her card and gift
I whipped up a little magic
thanks to
Being black on black-this is really hard to see...
but that top part--that has "For You" on it?
It's attached with a wee little brad on the right-hand side
to that top panel...
"magically" swings up and out of the way
to reveal this...

I found a cute little black tote bag
that came with a white and black polka dot ribbon
run around and knotted in the front-
a ribbon that whipped out quite easily
and since my friend is crafty too,
I knew she'd be able to easily trade out
the ribbons for whatever holiday...
but since halloween is coming up
I chose to decorate it for that...

I added a little feather hair clip
(shhh-don't tell!)
and then made the little back cat on a broom
in front of the moon pin
and attached that...

Before I could get it all put together however
I had a little help from my own

he went head-first into the shopping bag
to check out the feathers...!
Needless to say---
I hung the bag well out of reach
until I delivered it yesterday!

I thank Dawn for sharing her card idea-
and give credit where credit is due!
Came across not one but two instances of
"thievery" this past week--
work done by several different people
posted on someone else's blog
with absolutely no credit given to them whatsoever.
I am a follower of Mo's Digital Pencil as well
and Mo Manning, artist behind those designs
had hers lifted again by a company no less!
Sad. Sad. Sad.
You will see ideas shared here-
but you will also see CREDIT GIVEN to the appropriate parties
for those ideas
and I always try to give them a heads up
that I gave them a shout out on my blog!
That's it for today.
Gotta fly on out of here and get ready
for our groupies tonight.
Meeting here and I need to clean up some cat hair
and start cooking up some supper!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Dortesjs said...

Absolutely fabulous

Tamra Pope said...

How cute...luv the gift and the cat in the bag :)