Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Quick Sweet Treat...

NOTE: typical of how things are going for me...I just realized that my colors on my "Pumpkin Teeth" Treat holder are reversed----so---don't do as I did-do as I say...colors from bottom to top should be---CREME BRULEE and then SUNSET and then WHITE! Geesh...
Candy Corn Treat Holder!
I inked a strip of plain white cardstock
4 1/4" x 6 1/2"
with Close to My Heart Sunset and Creme Brulee
(Put down the Creme Brulee ink first and then overlap
with the Sunset...)
Next put adhesive on the two long and one short side
Roll the short ends together to form a tube
Pinch one of the long ends closed
Then just pinch the other long end closed in the OPPOSITE direction
Just Google "Papercrafts-Sour Cream Holder"

The PUMPKIN TEETH printable
I got from Stacy's blog
I altered it a little by adding a flap
and stamped that with "treats"
I just made a slit across the top
put a flap of cardstock in
adhered it to the back of the tag
and stamped "treats".
Punch a hole in the holder and tag,
tie on.
Raffia would be my first choice
but since these will be for preschoolers-
ribbon is safer.
I will fill these with candy corn
and probably some of the little pumpkins--
then again-maybe not-little people just might choke
on the pumpkins! Candy corn long as no corn allergies!
Now I am going to go hide somewhere.
fibro flaring
no energy no strength
no mojo
nothing nada zippo.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!

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