Sunday, September 30, 2012

I didn't run away...

or die yet...although I feel like it!
Be it cold-or allergies-or whatever
it is NOT going away.
Not quickly anyway.
Even skipped church this morning
so you know it's bad!
Few cat photos to share---
I don't get to sit in my new chair often--
as these two guys
particularly the gray one...
are usually in it
(although I found the gray one in the dryer this morning
curled up on the clean dry clothes...!)

I was lounging on the loveseat  earlier this week
when I heard a huge crash coming from the kitchen.
Hubby was standing in front of the open refrigerator door
with a puzzled look on his face.
Seems the "rail" that holds the various bottles and jars
on the door broke off and a part went flying.
Not seeing it out in the open or in the fridge itself,
Momma gets on her tummy with a flashlight
and eventually a  yard stick
and pokes under the fridge and dryer
(they are side by side--unfortunately)
While the door part wasn't there
I did discover where all the "whittle mice"
as Maren used to call them were hiding...

along with a milk jug bottle top
(aka cat toy: anything that isn't nailed down).
The fridge part-was actually-in the fridge
All fixed.
Last week-end I took hubby on a date---
he did enjoy it-really-can't tell from this pic tho!

We went to the Amuzu Theatre in Southport
to see Rock -n-Roll Is Here to Stay.
We had never been in this theatre-built in 1918
and closed in '79--reopened in 2003 for live theatre performances.
It seats about 100 people---wood floors, ceiling-brick walls

tiny stage

The music was AWESOME!
They had an MC who had formerly worked as a DJ
and he gave some background on each song-whose hit it was
and the performers were awesome---even ELVIS!
There were numerous costume changes
even for the guys.
Tickets were $ 15 each but the show lasted about 3 hours
and included 37 songs! It was well worth double that price!
More cats.
This little guy does not like drinking out of a water dish...

He's pushing the hibiscus blossom out of the way
to drink! Gesh.
I used to keep a pitcher on the counter
just for him...until stepson came to visit and well,
he didn't KNOW it was the cat's had water and he wanted some!
This guy you can find in my craft room in the afternoon sun...
think he's a little warm with bottom side up...
that's a catnip fish to the left--maybe he wore himself out playing first!

it's back to bed or couch or--
wherever there's Kleenex...
I do have some craft ideas---just no energy to carry them out
just yet...stay tuned tho!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping-
maybe even napping!


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