Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sneak Peeks on Sunday...

after I finished my "groupie" kits
for this month's class
just a sneak peak as it's a week or so away---
and they will freak if they see it beforehand
I cannot take credit for it--
another CTMH consultant created it
and I totally cased it--
I will give her full credit when I post the real deal
in it's entirety...
I had just finished the groupie kits
when hubby came in and suggested a day trip
to Lake Waccamaw
with our canoe little red boat...
he had read an article in Our State magazine
about it.
I said sure...let's do it!
He started packing our lunch...

do you see his "helper"?!
Yes, the "baby" immediately checked out the cooler bag!
After a stop at the visitor's center
where a nice lady told us we would enjoy the little canals
that run along the backsides of the lake
far more than the lake itself---
we set out...and she was right!
See if you can spy
the turtle...the leaf...the bird's nest...the ducks...
another turtle...the great white heron...
and last but not least...
the alligator!

My tour guide and captain...
not too bad for an over the head and backwards

There were tons of dragonflies
but they were to fast to capture with the camera!
I gotta say ---I absolutely LOVE my CANNON ELPH!
That last turtle pic...there is NO photo editing to that...
(in fact none to most of the photos I posted)
and we were a good ways off...that was just with the zoom--
far better than my Nikon ever did!
We had a picnic lunch while just drifting along...
It was sooo nice out there!
Perfect weather and the water was just like glass...
at least in the little canals we were in...
as you can see by the reflection in this pic...

After reloading the boat
we drove around a little bit-
houses on one side of the road
with a grassy area leading to their boat ramps
and docks and boat houses
on the other!
We ended up at Dale's Seafood
where we had fried catfish and shrimp for supper
and brought enough home that we can make
three lunches easily out of the leftovers!
It was delicious, fresh and PLENTY OF FOOD!
Topped that off with a stop at Dairy Queen when we hit
our own little island home.
As Ratty said to Mole,
"There is nothing, absolutely nothing
half so much as doing as messing about in boats...
just messing..."
in Kenneth Graham's Wind In the Willows--
it certainly was
a great day for messing about in the boat!
Worshipped this morning
and helped serve communion--
always an awesome experience
in and of itself...
not sure what the rest of the day will hold...
just taking it slow and easy...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Whimcees said...


I loved the photos of your adventure - beautiful scenery! It was fun to look for all of the items but I have to say the alligator was kind of creepy! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Stressed Stamper said...

Oh wow - cannot believe that is on your doorstep - why would anyone want to leave that...very jealous....
take care hun
Sarah x

Stressed Stamper said...

Oh wow - why would you ever want to leave that - and it is on your doorstep...fab photos...very jealous
Sarah x