Friday, October 19, 2012

What My Groupies Made...

First and foremost
let me say that I cannot take
creative credit
for this month's "groupies" project.
It was designed and created by
Valerie Dietz
and, with her permission,
I cased and copied it
for my groupies.
You can see Valerie's other awesome artwork
So-that said...
let me show you what we worked on...
The banner "bases" and letters
were cut with the Cricut Close to My Heart
Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges.
I color dusted the edges of the base cardstock,
stamped and colored all the "embellishments" with Copics
and then cut them out by hand.
Yep-I did this for 8 banners!
My groupies then assembled them themselves....

The pretty ribbon
is CTMH color-ready seam binding.
It came/comes white.
I dyed it to match our project
simply by running an ink pad over it
until it was the color I wanted!
You can also use a few drops of reinker in a plastic bag
and mush it around (very technical term!).
It is super easy to do!

I used a Copic marker to outline each letter
and that really made them pop---
and well, if you know me
then you already know
Lots of dimension to this baby!

The burlap is our new burlap ribbon-
it's awesome to work with as well!
I am surely going to order more it as well as
the seam binding!

It was really an awesome class!
Everyone did a great job keeping up with one another
and were thrilled with their project!
A great decoration for several holidays!
On another note,
I absolutely love the crescent moon!
I've heard some call it
God's eyelash...
but that little sliver of light
really spellbinds me...
and when I saw it the other night-
I just knew I had to try and capture it.
This photo
was taken with my Cannon Elph point and shoot-
it is not photoshopped...

I did fiddle with settings (on the camera before I took it)
and I have no clue what I did...
but I got the light from the house below
and the moon!
It's almost lunch time-
gotta do some flyladying today
and it's off for my mammogram this afternoon.
It's Breast Cancer Awareness month
if you didn't already know that
and trust me-
that few minutes of discomfort
then chemo and radiation
and surgery!
A few minutes---that can save a lifetime.
Someone close to me
had a scare a year or so ago.
I will never ever forget the moment she told me
she had something suspicious.
I kept her message on my phone
from when she called and said,
"I'm crying-but it's ok!
Thank you, Jesus, it's nothing!"
Go get yours.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Whimcees said...


That is some amazing photo! I can see why you were thrilled! I love your project - I was waiting to see it after your teaser on a earlier post! Beautiful! Take care - love it when you come to visit!


Barbara Diane