Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

I don't know about ya'll, but I feel MORE STUFFED than the turkey was! lol! We traveled to VA on Monday with all 3 cats...and it sure has been an eventful week. Poor Inky got sick so he and I met the vet-on-call late Wednesday night while Brook was waiting for our boys to come in. She sent him home with me but, following our FABULOUS dinner Thursday, we ended up back to see the second vet-on-call (at least she was here in town). He ended up staying overnight but is home and doing well. Praying the trip home won't be too stressful on him and they introduced some new food and meds so maybe that will make a difference. In-between my worries over my baby, it was NICE to visit with James, Raymond, Tommy & Dawn, and our neighbor here, Paul. Paul is always so generous in leaving goodies for us and even decorating the house so when we come in its not just a cold, empty space. This time he had eggs and sausage for our breakfast on Tuesday, and croussants, cheese and even RICE CRACKERS for me for snacking on upon our arrival! All the guys & gals are GREAT about pitching in and helping with the cooking, cleaning up and just anything that needs doing. And, because of that...I DID have time to scrapbook--and am proud to say---THE WEDDING ALBUM IS DONE (and I didn't even break the Kodak machine at the local Wal-Mart!) My dear husband even sat down right away at my pronouncement and looked at it! Smart man! lol! Today, inbetween cleaning up and packing up, I will stamp some things for our Christmas cards and another order to work on cutting out while I ride back. Please keep Inky in your prayers-that the ride won't be too stressful and recreate the issue. I AM THANKFUL...forFAMILY, for FRIENDS, for my "BABIES" (cats!), for having a table full of great food, a warm home, a wonderful job, the creativity I have...and a GREAT GOD who looks out for me and blesses me beyond measure. So, HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING to one and all...until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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